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He could’n walk freely in the street. Passers always smiled at him, usually  they stopped him and invited at home. He didn’t like going to the store or market, because the sellers gave him everything for free.
Inspite of his such popularity in casual life he was quite shy and modest person. From  too much attention he felt akward and got confused. In these exact cases he was helped out by his artistism to somehow cover his shyness. But the real transformation was on stage. While the performance he changed all the way around. Theatral costume, wig and the make-up helped him to overcome his shyness.
Erosi Manjgaladze was born on March 3 of 1925 in the village named Ganiri. His first role was at age of 6 in the school play.  After an actor of Rustaveli Theatre saw Erosi’s performance he advised to become an actor. After that Erosi firmly desided to become one.
Erosi began working in state radiocommittee of Georgia. At the age of 17 he became the invarialbe voice of Georgia’s radio.
Erosi’s stage partner  Medea Cakhava commented: “He had some kind of magic, low and velvety voice. It was like music coming out from his mouth.”
In 1945 director George Tovstonogov staged “The Philistines”. On Teterev’s role he invited Erosi Manjgaladze. The first performance gave rise to the first recognition.
Erosi always began preparation for the play several days earlier. He didn’t smoke and didn’t drink alcohol too for several days before the performance. He had his own audience, people who  went to the theatre just to see him, to view his performance. His stage talent had no borders, he could act in tragedy, comedy and practially everything.
The director Mikheil Tumanishvili staged “chinchraka” all based on actors’ improvisation. In this case the main improvisator was Erosi Manjgaladze.
He was harmless and shy person. His name was Eros- the name of god of love.        


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