When everything ends, applauses stops and lights go off, they return back to their old, cozy wardrobe. All of them are special; each carries its own history and has an amazing aura. Plenty of old and new costumes are kept at Rustaveli theatre. They were designed for the Georgian legendary actors. Some of them have passed more than a century and occupy their respective part in the history. 

Costumes were often sent to other theatres from Rustaveli theatre in order to provide assistance, sometimes they altered them, but now, all the costumes, which are kept at Rustaveli theatre, are exponents and can’t be amended. Part of costumes was moved to the theatre’s museum, so anyone willing to have a look at those amazing costumes may visit the latter venue.

Recently, costumes from Rustaveli and Marjanishvili theatres were authenticated and exhibited by the International Center of Art. Head of Rustaveli theatre museum, Bela Chumburidze says, that there was an interesting discovery in the working process: one of the historical costumes from “great sovereign” (which is kept at theatre museum), created by Soliko Virsaladze, was compared with existing photographic material (with A. Khorava depicted). As it appeared, costume ornaments on the photo differ from the ornaments of the costume, which is kept at the theatre museum. Therefore, we can say, that the costume, which is kept at Rustaveli theatre museum didn’t belong to Mr. Akaki Khorava. It belonged to Erosi Manjgaladze, which was a double of Akaki Khorava.  A. Khorava’s costume is kept at the theatre’s wardrobe.

In “great sovereign” Aleksandra Toidze, who played the role of Irina Godunova, also wore the marvelous costume. In 1957, "Boris Godunov" was staged where the role of Xenia Godunova played Lika Chavchavadze. Aleksandra Toidze’s beautiful costume was moved to this performance and adjusted to Lika Chavchavadze’s character. Today, Soliko Virsaladze’s costumes are as majestic and impressive as many years ago.

They say that costumes are breathing, that they have an amazing mysticism… Indeed, costume has a significant influence over the mood of every actor, helps them to feel their character. Costume and an actor together create wonders what we see on stage later. One shall mention performance - “the serpent woman”, which was directed in 1998 by Robert Sturua and David Sakvarelidze. Costumes and decoration was created by Gogi Aleksi-Meskhishvili.

(Sketch of the performance is guarded at the Rustaveli theatre’s museum)

The performance doesn’t go beyond magic world. This was an unusual harmony of the director and the art director, where each color was significant, sonorous and field. Mr. Gogi’s costumes were colorful and impressionable. Iranian painting made everything more mystical and fairytale-style.

(Sketch of the performance is guarded at the Rustaveli theatre’s museum)

Each costume is made tastefully and adjusted to characters. It’s impossible to go by and not to simply stop and enjoy when you see the serpent woman’s costume, which wore actress Nino Kasradze. This is a beautiful black velvet costume, decorated with colorful gems. The costume is kept at the Rustaveli theatre’s museum.

Frankly speaking, it’s impossible to express all the emotions by words, when you see that old costumes. Everything, what is kept in the Rustaveli theatre museum and theatre’s storage, is the most beautiful result of the combination of efforts and imagination. This is a history, which can be experienced.

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