Robbert Sturua 

I have nothing depreciated along my life. I have maintained everything, the way I was, everything I believed in. May be something has changed and even that in moderateness of opportunities. I am not able to change all the way around, I mean directing my plays. But I am trying  to include everything that is so attractive into the performance to be amusing. This is simply very important, inevitable. We go to the theatre to see something new. When we go on an exhibition we are happy to guess an artist like: Oh, is this Matisse, this is Gogoladze or this one is Gudiashvilis work… unfortunately if this happens in theatre this will be a fiasco , when a viewer comes and says: Oh, is this Erosi or this must be Ramazi… the viewer must not be able to guess the artist. As soon as the viewer guesses theatre loses it’s charm and I’d like to say, it loses its magic. The same about the performances. People say: “Sturua’s play, Sturua’s play…” it is no pleasure for me, I want them say: “how come that all this does not appear to be any similar to his performances in any ways?!"

I can direct million times the play as “Maria Callas”  and I’m sure I’m the most realistic director in Georgia. Fortunately or not, primitive critics perceive “Maria Callas” in the different way, there is some magic that goes beyond reality.

Now we are working on Polikarpe Kakabadze’s piece. We don’t know yet if we show it to the viewer because it is difficult work to do, to direct and to play. We will try… I changed the revolution with the transfiguration. The word itself reacts to the audience so much that the actors had been "pumped" to the Soviet Plays. Commissar… As you know there were many heroines that took part in revolutions. They were quite horrible types. The Soviet drama took care of this issue well. And what about the transfiguration it can’t be passive – once Our Savior went on a mountain, transfigured, no one knows what happened there. But his pupils guessed that they had business with not just a human. A human’s son at the same time is God’s son too. May be this was their first such feeling. They’ve been changing the nation for nine years but fortunately they couldn’t.  However, we have left debris of the curved mirror as in Andersen’s story, that shattered as gnomes’ mirror and the pieces hit many in heart, many of them in someone’s head and people became evil with heart, with brain or with eye… that’s why better for the nation is to maintenance that basic belief and traditions which it had several thousand…  

                                                                                        Translated by Tatia Tukhashvili

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