“Movement is life… theatre is movement” - the author of these words would turn 94 this year. On the 6th of February, Georgian director, public artist of the USSR, Georgia’s honorary citizen Mikheil Tumanishvili was born.

After returning from the Second World War in 1944, Mikheil Tumanishvili started his studies at the faculty of directing of Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film Georgia State University. After graduation, he was invited as a director to the Rustaveli Theatre in 1949. During 1968-71 Mikheil Tumanishvili was a main director at Rustaveli Professional State Drama Theatre. This period marked a milestone in his career, which he pursued along with other peers of “Shvidkaca” (group of seven people).

At all times, there are people whose work greatly impact on the fields of art in which they contribute with their creativity; on the other hand, it influences on the cultural development of the country. Mikheil Tumanishvili was that type of person. His work was characterized by original interpretation, distinct shapes of details, virtual treatment of scenic details and nuances. Theatre was everything for him. He lived with the idea of it. When looking at his diaries and notes, it becomes clear how deeply he loved his job.

“Miracle  -  it is an event, which exists out of boundaries. Theatre - is it not a miracle, when there are different lives, suffers, joy, people and characters born on the stage?! Theatre- it is a miracle”. (M. Tumanishvili diaries, 1976).

In 1990 he was awarded with “Marjanishvili Prize” for the book named “Before Rehearsal Begins” and in 1996 he was granted a "Medal of Honor".

In the same year, on the 11th of May Mikheil Tumanishvili died…


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